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Google Celebrates Flat White Coffee With Animated Doodle, do you want to try it

A flat white consists of a shot of espresso topped with steamed milk and a thin layer of microfoam, and is traditionally served in a ceramic cup.

Where did the flat white coffee originate from?

Surprisingly, today Google celebrates Flat White Coffee globally, using an image of a ceramic coffee cup with a friendly smile. This has sparked curiosity among many about the origin of this coffee cup. This type of coffee is said to originate from either Australia or New Zealand. Google chose March 11 to commemorate the flat white because on this date in 2011, the term was added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

“Today’s animated doodle honors the flat white, a beloved type of coffee consisting of steamed milk poured over a cup of espresso. Many speculate that this drink was first served in Australia and New Zealand in the 1980s when it appeared on the menu in Sydney and Auckland at the same time,” Google explains on its website.

Would you like to try this drink? Make it with this recipe.

Over the years and according to the preferences of each country, the culture of drinking Flat White has changed a lot. But everyone agrees that it is a great way to start the morning or afternoon. Inspired by the Latte, Flat White is also a cream-based drink made from espresso but contains less espresso and less milk than a Latte – true to the “Flat” in its name. Make it with me:

Step 1: Brew a cup of espresso as usual, try to balance it to get the best possible ratio. Because a good espresso ratio will significantly affect the coffee taste.

Step 2: Using whole milk with more fat will create better foam. But if you’re dieting, skim or semi-skim milk is also fine. Steam the milk to get a smooth texture, creating microfoam. If you’re not a professional barista, getting the milk to the right density will challenge you a bit. But practice it until you’re satisfied.

Step 3: Tap the milk jug lightly on the counter to remove large bubbles.

Step 4: Gently spoon the milk and try to keep the foam into the previously brewed espresso. This way, the espresso’s crema will remain intact, and the Flat White is the result of your effort.

A flat white is created by blending micro-foamed milk with either a single or double shot of espresso. 


The flat white is more than just a coffee; it’s a cultural icon that represents the evolution of coffee culture across the globe. Originating from Australia or New Zealand, it has made its mark worldwide, celebrated for its delicate balance of espresso and steamed milk. The global recognition by Google with a dedicated doodle highlights its significance and the curiosity it sparks among coffee enthusiasts.


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