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Loneliness – It’s my life

In a moment, I really reminisce about myself. I have lived in loneliness for a long time, for so long, and it seems I have gotten used to it, I even enjoy living like that. I wrote this article simply to express the inner thoughts and feelings of mine, so I even don’t care about the SEO score from Rank Math SEO anymore, I ignore it all, as long as I like it, that’s enough.

Talking about myself, I’m just an ordinary person like everyone else. I am an office worker, going to work early in the morning and coming home late in the evening. A series of days repeating over and over and it may never end…

I have a family, I have friends, but somehow, I still enjoy solitude. I like sitting alone, just me and a computer. I could be in that state for many years, but strangely, I never feel uncomfortable or out of place. Perhaps because I have gotten used to it. I find life, society, and people to be very complicated, and I feel lazy to adapt to the world changing every day, every hour, I don’t want to follow the world’s cycle, so I choose to live in solitude and not care about the outside world.

There have been times when I wanted to live somewhere independent from the outside world, where there’s just me. Every day, I would grow vegetables, raise chickens, and fish. A life of freedom, without worries or thoughts. It would be so nice, just thinking about it makes me feel more in love with life. But life is not as dreamy, reality is always harsh, no matter how hard I try, I still have to continue being a part of society. I still need to work, need to earn money to take care of my family, I can’t do anything else because I am just a small human being.

This article may contain a lot of negativity, however, I hope no one will be like me, and that everyone lives a happy and joyful life.

Life has been too tiring already, so let’s not make things more complicated…..


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